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Plot Bunnies and Rabbit Holes

Like so many Janeites, I have been a fan of the JAFF genre since its inception, starting with the incomparable Abigail Reynolds and then reading everything else I could get my hands on, and it has been both a delight and a welcome challenge to see the genre grow so rapidly that I will never run out of things to read.

And like so many authors, I suspect I am not alone in saying that I fantasized of stories of my own long before I ever put pen to paper. By the time I finally resolved to write a variation of my own, I had come up with over a dozen ideas, and one day I decided to simply pick one and get on with it. However, after publishing four novels in 2019 (find them here), my list has grown to more ideas than I could write in a lifetime.

Ironically, my next project is not from amongst my list of plot bunnies, but from the fantastical forum I discovered on A Happy Assembly, where other Janeites like me have posted plot bunnies of their own for adoption by some other writer. I was deligh…

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